Jay Carney met the media this afternoon to respond to the scathing criticism of President Obama's wartime strategy by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry, however, pressed him on why Obama himself was not there to respond.

"I don't know of any president in history who has taken questions every day," said Carney, adding that Obama has answered more or at least as many questions from the media as any of his predecessors.

"Not every day, he hasn't taken a question since, what was it, December 20?" Henry answered.

"I'm sure he'll be taking questions again soon, Ed," said Carney.

Henry, and other reporters, asked why the White House allowed cameras into Obama and Joe Biden's lunch on Wednesday. Carney maintained the unusual occurrence had nothing to do with Gates' book. 

Henry also questioned why, according to two Republican senators, Obama has not talked with Afghan President Hamid Karzai since the summer.

Watch the clip above.