In an explosive new book, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticized President Obama for his strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. It comes as key cities in Iraq, Fallujah and Ramadi, have been taken over by Al Qaeda-linked militants.

Tonight on The Kelly File, Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran and congressman, Duncan Hunter (R-CA), reacted to the latest reports.

Gates wrote that President Obama did not believe in his own strategy nor did he consider the war to be his. “For him,” Gates said, “It’s all about getting out.”

Hunter said he wasn’t surprised to hear this. “What I see here is a political squandering of military victories and an abandonment by this administration of everything that we did in Iraq.”

He described Ramadi and Fallujah as relatively peaceful places that had transformed because people finally had freedom. “Going forward to 2010 when President Obama refused to get a status of forces agreement with the Iraqis, […] his abandonment of Iraq led directly to Al Qaeda taking over what the Marines and the Army had cleared and what we had set up.”

Hunter slammed the president’s “juvenile” foreign policy, and called his abandonment of the Middle East a political decision.