A number of retired New York City police officers and firefighters lied about health problems after 9/11 to get millions of dollars in disability benefits.

Manhattan’s district attorney charged more than 100 people with taking part in this scheme, calling it one of the biggest Social Security rip-offs of all time. Prosecutors say organizers coached city workers to appear disheveled during interviews. Doctors reportedly evaluated workers to be mentally disabled and incapable of doing any work.

At the same time, suspects were supposedly posting pictures of themselves on Facebook. One person had a picture on a jet ski, while another was working as a martial arts instructor.

Prosecutors say the scam went on for 26 years, and retirees collected up $50,000 each year, totaling more than $400 million in benefits.

An attorney for one suspect told the local Fox affiliate that his client did what he thought was right and followed the rules of the Social Security Administration.

Today on Shepard Smith Reporting, former prosecutor Dan Schorr said the group faces first- and second-degree charges of grand larceny. There’s also the issue of how much money they’ll have to pay back to the government. Schorr said a possible plea bargain may involve restitution.