A 2-year-old girl in Longmont, Colo. was taken to the hospital and tested positive for THC after her mother says she ate a pot cookie that she found in the yard outside of the family’s apartment complex.

Authorities searched the mother’s home and did not find any marijuana or evidence of drug use.

Is America Going to Pot?

Dr. George Wang, of Children’s Hospital Colorado, did a study that showed a surge in recent years of children ending up in the hospital after ingesting marijuana.

Bill O’Reilly and Alan Colmes debated the issue tonight on The Factor.

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Colmes said it’s a horrible situation, but said, “It’s really about parenting, though. It’s not about whether or not marijuana should be legal or illegal. There’s no guarantee this would be any different if the law were different in Colorado.”

O’Reilly argued that experts say Colorado’s new pot laws will lead to more emergency room visits among children, more addiction in children and a surge in DUIs.

Watch the spirited debate above.