Rolling Stone magazine is urging millennials to fight for anti-capitalism principles in a controversial article.

The goals include guaranteed work for everybody, Social Security for all, take back the land, make everything owned by everybody, and having a public bank in every state.

“Of course they left out the methods of coercion needed to keep citizens from fleeing,” Greg Gutfled said in his monologue on The Five.

He noted that 110 million people died under communism in the last century and added, “No on in their right mind would volunteer for this crap. […] But forget this genocidal amnesia. What about the death of Rolling Stone. Sure they could tell themselves that this stuff is edgy, but it’s so old, even older than their brain dead publisher.”

The article, Gutfeld continued, reveals the magazine’s subservience to the government. He went on to blame President Obama’s election for turning the magazine, once known for “giving it to the man,” into a propaganda machine.