In a Kelly File exclusive, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined the show to discuss his lawsuit over the ObamaCare subsidy for Congress.

Sen. Johnson is receiving pushback from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, accusing him of a political stunt.

The senator told Megyn Kelly that he filed the suit to overturn an “unfair ruling” that gives members of Congress pre-tax dollars toward their health care.

Kelly pointed out that Congress can either deprive the president of money or seek to have him impeached. “Those are your two remedies, normally, under the Constitution. Not so much to file lawsuits and go in and try to put the problem on a judge’s lap, because who enforces the judge’s ruling if it comes down against President Obama? The executive branch.”

Johnson argued that legislative attempts to change the law have not worked.  He slammed President Obama for ignoring his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the Affordable Care Act. “The only way they’re going to start changing this law, […] is if they feel the full harsh realities of the law.”