A new study shows that murder rates are higher in states where there are more restrictive laws on carrying a concealed weapon.

The study also found that during the time of the federal assault weapons ban, 1980-2009, there was no significant change in murder rates at the state level.

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The study, which was published in Applied Economics Letters, was released just as Vice President Joe Biden announced new gun control proposals.

Quinnipiac University economics professor Mark Gius, the author of the study, joined Jenna Lee this afternoon for an extensive discussion on the emotional topic of gun control.

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He said he became interested in the topic after the December 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School renewed public debate about the Second Amendment.

Gius believes more research is needed to determine once and for all whether concealed carry laws really reduce gun violence.

"I think concealed carry laws, especially very restrictive concealed carry laws, have to be looked at again to see about their effectiveness in reducing murder rates," he said.

Watch the interview to hear Gius explain his findings.