On America's Newsroom we got to hear some thoughts on the new film "Lone Survivor" from one of the heroic Navy SEALs who fought in the fierce 2005 battle in Afghanistan.

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Former SEAL Marcus Luttrell, played by Mark Wahlberg, was the only one of the four-man reconnaissance team to survive Operation Red Wings, suffering multiple wounds.

Team leader Lt. Michael Murphy, along with fellow SEALs Matthew Axelson and Danny Dietz were killed in the ambush by Taliban fighters. They had been dropped by helicopter into a remote area to follow the activities of an al Qaeda leader suspected of having links to Usama bin Laden.

Luttrell penned a book called "Lone Survivor," which served as the basis for the newly released movie.

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Bill Hemmer asked Luttrell whether the movie did a good job of portraying the battle that unfolded in the mountains along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

He said he understands that to make a movie, some things need to be "switched around," but overall he believes the film struck "the right balance."

Hemmer then asked Luttrell if he ever stops to think about why he was the only survivor.

"I don't ever dwell on that. [If] you sit and think about stuff like that, think about your buddies dying, think about why I was the one that made it, you'll drive yourself crazy. So I kinda put that behind me and push forward," said Luttrell.

Watch the full interview above, as Hemmer asked Luttrell whether he believes the American people are losing sight of the sacrifices that were made in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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