Today on Media Buzz, Howard Kurtz and Mediaite’s Joe Concha discussed a new Gallup poll that found 80 percent of Americans do not trust television and newspaper reporters.

Concha credited the low rating to the increase in more opinion reporting. “When you have a polarized society, 50/50 split basically, […] what we’re seeing is more distrust in reporters because they may be giving an opinion the audience may not like.”

The pair also discussed media predictions for 2014, including the possibility of Jay Leno moving to CNN. The late night TV host will be a free agent when Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show on NBC. Concha said, “He’s like the Peyton Manning of talk show hosts. I can see Jay Leno going to CNN. Fox is going to have a say in that, Fox TV, as well. That’s the war you’re going to see in 2014, who gets Jay Leno’s services.”

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