A wealthy Manhattan woman is suing her husband for allegedly duping her out of more than $700,000 and then spending it on his mistress.

Steven and Candice Lalicata met at Beach Bum in 2010 and were married in 2011. Shortly thereafter, court documents allege that Steven started disappearing for long periods of time with no explanation. Candice claims that he told her he had a gambling problem and owed money to the mob, convincing her to dip into her trust fund to pay off his debts.

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Candice says she hired a private investigator, who caught Steven with another woman.

According to court documents, Candice claims she tried to get him to admit to the fraud while wearing a wire, but he seduced her in order to destroy the wire. He also reportedly had a friend pose as a mobster in order to enhance his story.

Now, Candice is suing to get her money back, plus $10 million in damages. Candice's fortune comes from her father, who invented seamless underwear.

Watch the video above to hear what Judge Alex Ferrer had to say about the case on The Kelly File.