The attorneys general of 11 states argue that the so-called "fixes" to the Affordable Care Act are illegal, since they have not been going through Congress.

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the GOP officials stated that, "We support allowing citizens to keep their health insurance coverage, but the only way to fix this problem-ridden law is to enact changes lawfully: through Congressional action."

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For instance, the administration allowed insurance companies to keep offering plans that were supposed to be disallowed under ObamaCare after Americans began receiving waves of cancelation letters.

One of the signatories, Texas AG Greg Abbott, joined Gregg Jarrett this afternoon.

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Abbott said he and others are looking for a way to file a legal challenge to the way the Affordable Care Act is being applied. He explained that the next step is to find plaintiffs who have standing to challenge, but he says that process should be "easy."

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