A small Missouri watering hole is in a legal fight with Starbucks after allegedly using the word "frappicino."

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The owner of Exit 6 Pub and Brewery in Cottleville posted the cease-and-desist letter on the bar's Facebook page and his response is now drawing national attention.

Lawyers wrote that using the term "is likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception among customers, who may mistakenly believe that Exit 6 or this beer product is affiliated with or licensed by Starbucks Coffee Co., when they are not."

Steve Doocy caught up with Jeff Britton earlier this morning on Fox and Friends to discuss the "brewing" dispute. He explained that he never actually put the word "frappicino" on the menu or used it to sell beer.

The brew in question, a blend of a homemade vanilla cream ale and a chocolate stout, was compared to the popular Starbucks drink by a customer online.

Britton wrote back to Starbucks that he never considered that beer from a tap could ever be confused with actual Starbucks coffee, and enclosed a check for six dollars, his estimated profits from the "frappicino."

He wondered why Starbucks couldn't have simply called him to clear up the matter before threatening legal action.

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