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    O.J.'s former attorney, Yale Galanter, and former lead Detective Tom Lange have key insight on the parole verdict on The Story.

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    Dr. Michael Baden and former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman join Tucker to talk O.J. on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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    Geraldo Rivera has powerful insight on the O.J. case, on Hannity.

The Story with Martha MacCallum


Dershowitz: Murder Acquittal Is the '900-lb Gorilla' in OJ's Parole Hearing

Alan Dershowitz, who aided former Buffalo Bills running back O.J. Simpson's 1995 legal team, said that particular case will be fresh in the minds of those at his upcoming parole hearing.


WATCH: Dana Loesch Responds to WaPo 'Maligning' the NRA

"Blaze" host Dana Loesch responded to the Washington Post's "maligning" of the National Rifle Association.


Turley: 'People So Eager to Bag a Trump' They 'Grotesquely Extend' Crime Definitions

Professor Jonathan Turley said the president's critics are so eager to "bag a Trump" that their hunt extends the definition of a crime "well beyond its legal moorings."

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

17 Arrested for Brutal Murders by MS-13 Gang in Long Island, NY

Suffolk County police commissioner Timothy Sini said the MS-13 gang was dealt a "huge blow" by the arrests of 17 individuals in connection with a string of murders in Long Island, New York.

Palin on McCain: 'If I Were Going to War, I'd Want Him Leading the Charge'

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the running mate of John McCain in the 2008 presidential election, reacted on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to the news of the Arizona senator's brain cancer diagnosis.


'That's Fantasy, I Want to Go Back to Reality': Tucker Battles Immigration Activist

Tucker Carlson debated an immigration activist who previously claimed crime rates would go up if President Trump cracked down on sanctuary cities.

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The Five

Fiery 'Silent Coup': Limbaugh Says DC Establishment Is 'Trying to Take Out' Trump

In an impassioned commentary, Rush Limbaugh said he believes the Washington establishment - both Democrats and Republicans - are involved in a "silent coup" against President Trump.


Meghan McCain Offers Heartfelt Statement After Father's Cancer Diagnosis

"Outnumbered" host Meghan McCain reacted to her father's cancer diagnosis in a heartfelt post on Twitter.


Watters: GOP 'Can't Drain the Swamp When Members Are Plugging the Hole'

Jesse Watters sounded off on the Senate GOP's failed ObamaCare replacement plan.

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Fiery Hannity Rips Rosie O'Donnell for 'Push Donald Trump Off a Cliff' Game

Sean Hannity said that comedian Rosie O'Donnell has joined the long list of Hollywood celebrities who fantasize about the president's death.


'We Love It': Gorka Says Trump WH Enjoys Media Coverage of Russian 'Nothing-Burgers'

White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka said the administration "loves" watching the press' wall-to-wall coverage about Russia.


Gingrich to Congress: After '6 Months of Patience, It's Time to Perform'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said Congress needs to start working on things they know they can pass.

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