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The Story with Martha MacCallum

'They Ought to Go to Jail': Gingrich Goes Off on Leakers

Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and a senior adviser in the White House, is under FBI scrutiny as part of the investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign,...


Rev. Jeffress: Trump, Pope 'Looked Like BFF's' After Meeting

Dr. Robert Jeffress said President Trump and Pope Francis looked like best friends after their meeting.


Comey Friend: 'No Doubt' He Saw Trump WH Staff as 'Dishonorable'

Former Bush adviser Mercedes Schlapp reacted to statements made by a friend of former FBI Director James Comey about the Trump White House.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

Loesch: Americans Are Tired of Being Manipulated & Lied to by Mainstream Media

Following Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte's alleged assault of a reporter, some Democrats and pundits are trying to blame the incident on President Trump.

'The Left Has Gone Insane': Tucker on Progressives' Use of Political Violence

In his opening remarks tonight, Tucker Carlson denounced Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte for body-slamming a reporter who tried to ask him a question.


'Are You Really Comparing Him to Mandela?': Carlson, NYC Dem Spar Over Parade Honoring FALN Member

Tucker Carlson debated New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D) over the city's Puerto Rican Day Parade deciding to honor a FALN member.

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The Five

Obama Takes Shot at Trump During Berlin Visit: 'We Can't Hide Behind a Wall'

Former President Barack Obama on Thursday took a thinly-veiled shot at his successor for wanting to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.


Guilfoyle Blasts De Blasio as Puerto Rican Day Parade Plans to Honor Terrorist

Kimberly Guilfoyle blasted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's ambivalence toward the city's Puerto Rican Day parade honoring a terror group member.


WaPo Editor: Trump WH 'Feels Like Watergate'

Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron said recent controversies in the Trump White House "feel like Watergate."

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Hurt: Media Linking Trump & 'Body-Slamming' Incident Shows Why So Many 'Despise the Press'

Montana Republican congressional candidate Greg Gianforte reportedly body-slammed a reporter on Wednesday night, and some in the mainstream media have tried to blame the incident on President Trump.


Pirro: Manchester Attack 'A Redo of the Boston Bombers'

Judge Jeanine Pirro said the Manchester terror attack appears to be a "redo of the Boston bombing."


Hannity: UK Terror Attack 'Definition of Pure Evil in Our Time'

In his opening monologue, Sean Hannity called the terror attack in Manchester, England "the definition of pure evil in our time."

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