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    Sen. John McCain discusses his role in the intel firestorm. Plus, Kellyanne Conway discusses Trump's last moves before inauguration. Join Martha McCallum for the premiere of The First 100 Days.

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    Trump becomes president in less than a week, so will the mainstream media continue their attacks? Charles Krauthammer and Brit Hume weigh in on The O'Reilly Factor.

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    The oath, the speech and the future under Trump. Tucker Carlson Tonight has an inauguration countdown you need to see.

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    ObamaCare? Immigration? Security? Newt Gingrich has powerful insight on Trump's plans for his first day as president on Hannity.

The O'Reilly Factor

No Such Thing as Sanctuary Cities? 'Factor' Guests Clash on Illegal Immigration

Katrina Pierson and Francisco Hernandez discussed illegal immigration on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight, and things got pretty heated.

Need a Tissue? Watters Goes to Chicago for Obama's Farewell Address

Jesse Watters visited The Windy City and asked the folks about President Obama's greatest accomplishments, biggest failures and their fondest memories of the past eight years.

O'Reilly: Dishonest, Baseless Reporting Is 'Harming the Fabric of Our Society'

In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly lamented the current state of the U.S. press following a series of "cheap attacks" on President-elect Donald Trump.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

Russian Studies Professor: Putin Is Not 'The Darth Vader of the East'

Tonight, Tucker Carlson spoke to Russian Studies Professor Stephen Cohen, who says that President-elect Donald Trump should cooperate with Moscow.

Greenwald: Gov't Agencies Engaged in 'Open Warfare' With Trump as Dems Cheer

In an article in The Intercept, journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote that the American "deep state" of government agencies and military intelligence has gone to war with President-elect Donald Trump, and...


Professor: Russia Dossier Is 'Attempt to Destroy Trump's Presidency' Before Inauguration

Russian Studies Professor Stephen Cohen said the publication of an unverified dossier of information regarding President-elect Donald Trump and Russia is the "endgame in the last chapter in an...

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Fiery 'Do Your Jobs!': Malkin Goes Off on the Mainstream Media

Michelle Malkin joined Sean Hannity tonight to contrast how the mainstream media has treated President-elect Donald Trump with how they covered President Obama for the past eight years.

Hannity Exposes How the U.S. Mainstream Media Is a 'Corrupt Cabal'

In his opening monologue tonight, Sean Hannity took aim at the "corrupt cabal" that is the American mainstream media.

Cain: Trump's Fair & Simple ObamaCare Replacement Will Surprise People

On "Hannity" tonight, Herman Cain said that Republicans are committed to repealing and replacing ObamaCare, and their replacement will be much simpler and fairer than the "monstrosity" of the...

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