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    Newt Gingrich goes inside his push for tax reform on Your World.

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    President Trump speaks at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio. Martha has full coverage on The Story

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    Tucker Carlson talks Trump's Ohio rally with Brit Hume.

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    Hannity breaks down Trump's rally, followed by a LIVE Special Report at 11pm ET.

The Story with Martha MacCallum


Krauthammer: Jeff Sessions Is a 'Dead Man Walking'

Charles Krauthammer said Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a "dead man walking."

Turley: Firing Mueller Would Create 'Biggest Jam Since Taft Got Stuck in WH Tub'

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said that if President Trump fired Robert Mueller, it would be the biggest White House "jam" since William Howard Taft.


Lara Trump: Nobody in Russia Probe 'Used BleachBit or Destroyed Cell Phones With Hammers'

Lara Trump, wife of President Trump's son Eric, discussed her brother-in-law Jared Kushner's remarks on Monday.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight


Top Dem: 'Trump Hasn't Delivered,' 'We're Talking About Growing Economy'

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan (D) said the Democrats are still the party that wants to grow the economy and create high-paying jobs.


Tucker Blasts Trump for 'Nuts' Attacks on 'Humiliated' Ally Jeff Sessions

'You Mean Sex & the City?': Dem Rips Trump's 'Disgusting' BSA Speech


'They'll Have a Lot of Problems': Trump Warns ObamaCare Repeal Opponents

President Trump warned four opponents to ObamaCare repeal legislation - two of them Republicans.

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The Five


Watters: Democrats 'Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Scandal'

Jesse Watters dismissed accusations of White House adviser Jared Kushner being embroiled in a massive Russian collusion scandal.


Protesters Disrupt MN Mayor's Presser on Woman Shot By Cop

Protesters disrupted a press conference called by the Minneapolis mayor regarding the police shooting of an unarmed white mother.


Watters Blasts CNN: 'If Trump is the OJ of Politics, then Hillary is Marcia Clark'

Jesse Watters reacted to a former Clinton White House adviser comparing President Trump to O.J. Simpson.

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Lou Dobbs: ObamaCare Repeal Outcome 'Fundamentally a Question of the GOP's Survival'

Lou Dobbs said the future of the Republican Party hinges on the outcome of the ObamaCare repeal-and-replace legislation.


Hannity: Trump WH Fighting Back Against 'Fake News,' and Voters Can Too

In his mini-monologue, Sean Hannity discussed a sampling of Trump White House officials fighting back against "fake news" programming.


Fiery 'The Guy is Delusional': Judge Jeanine Blasts O.J. Simpson

Judge Jeanine Pirro said O.J Simpson is "delusional."

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