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The Story with Martha MacCallum

Is Health Care Bill Victim of Bad Policy or Unfair Treatment?

Despite Obamacare's financial struggles, media coverage of the GOP's attempts to remedy health care is largely negative.


Barrasso: 'ObamaCare is a Bus Going Over a Cliff - The Dems Say Stay Onboard'

A top Republican characterized ObamaCare as a "bus going over a cliff," urging his colleagues to rid the American people of the "government's control" of health care.


Zeke Emanuel: Senate Health Care Bill 'Kind of Like a Neutron Bomb'

ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel said the Senate's version of the Republican ObamaCare replacement legislation is "kind of like a neutron bomb."

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Tucker Carlson Tonight


'Terror Attack Every Day': Baltimore Dem Calls for Bipartisan Solutions to City Violence

A Democratic state delegate said the city needs to work with state and national leaders of both parties to craft a bipartisan solution to Baltimore's troubling crime rate.


Mark Steyn: 'I'm In Favor of Replacing Jim Acosta With Elmo' on CNN

Writer and "Rush Limbaugh Show" guest host Mark Steyn said he would support replacing CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta with Elmo from "Sesame Street."


Charles Murray on Student Riots: 'Repudiation of What University Is All About'

Libertarian sociologist Charles Murray discussed protests against his speeches on college campuses.

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The Five


Bush, Clinton Press Spox Show Support For Ending Live WH Briefings

A bipartisan pair of former White House press secretaries came out in support of the Trump administrations decision to curtail live on-camera briefings.


Gutfeld: Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike Failures

Greg Gutfeld reacted to the economic hit that Seattle took after raising its minimum wage to $15 per hour.


Gutfeld: Trump’s Travel Ban Is Vindicated

Greg Gutfeld said the left's outrage at the Supreme Court's decision on President Trump's travel ban is "the result of one party being obsessed with Celsius rather than ISIS."

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Hannity Blasts 'Liberal Joe' Scarborough for 'Petulant and Arrogant' Coverage of Trump

Sean Hannity criticized MSNBC host Joe Scarborough in his mini-monologue on Wednesday.


Rush: Trump Playing With Media Like 'A Red Laser Pointer' and a Cat

EIB radio network host Rush Limbaugh compared the media to a cat chasing a laser pointer being held by President Trump.

Hannity Rips 'Unhinged' Jim Acosta: 'He's Looking for Ways to Damage the President'

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta is becoming increasingly unhinged, Sean Hannity said in a monologue last night.

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