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    The First 100 Days has live CPAC coverage! As conservatives gather for Vice President Mike Pence’s critical speech, Martha has instant reaction and analysis.

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    The media claims Russia is pulling Trump's strings. See why a former Bush staffer says it’s all smoke and mirrors on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Then at 10:00p ET, it's a powerful Hannity.

The First 100 Days

Huckabee: Opposition to Trump's Immigration Policies Is 'Manufactured Outrage'

On "The First 100 Days" tonight, Mike Huckabee praised President Trump for keeping his campaign promise and cracking down on illegal immigration.

'Angel Mom': 'Nobody Gets Sanctuary From the Law'

At a "First 100 Days" town hall event tonight, an "Angel Mom" explained why she's a strong supporter of President Donald Trump's policies aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.

Town hall

Fiery WATCH: Sparks Fly Over Trump Wall Plans at 'First 100 Days' Town Hall

In a special "First 100 Days" town hall, two attendees disagreed over President Trump's plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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The O'Reilly Factor


O'Reilly Clashes With Journalists Over Trump's Deportations, Border Wall

Tonight on "The O'Reilly Factor," Bill O'Reilly debated two Mexican-American journalists on President Trump's illegal immigration policies.

O'Reilly: Sanctuary City Mayor, Police Chief 'Have Blood on Their Hands'

Bill O'Reilly reacted tonight to a shocking new poll that found Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities, and he reported on two incidents in Denver, Colorado, that spotlight why that might...

Rove: DHS 'Makes It Clear' They Will Prioritize Deportations Based on Crime

Karl Rove told Bill O'Reilly tonight that President Trump will not engage in mass deportations of illegal immigrants, noting recent comments from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

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Tucker Carlson Tonight

Civil Rights Activist: Illegal Immigration Hurts Job Prospects for Black Men

Tucker Carlson was joined tonight by a civil rights leader who says that black males are disproportionately hurt by illegal immigration.


Former CIA Agent: Some Spies Playing 'Very Dangerous Game' to Hurt Trump

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright said Wednesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that some of the rumors swirling about intelligence operatives withholding information and trying to discredit...


Coulter Gives Trump an 'A+' for 1st Month, Urges Him to Tweet More

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Ann Coulter gave President Trump an overall "A+" grade for his governance after his first month in office.

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Hannity at CPAC: For Trump to Be Successful, He Needs Your Help

The Conservative Political Action Conference is underway at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland, and Sean Hannity is on hand for the annual gathering.


Ingraham: Trump Is Fulfilling His Promise to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

Laura Ingraham joined Sean Hannity tonight and praised President Trump for following through on his campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration.


Malkin: Mainstream Press 'Still Suffering from Post-Election Indigestion'

On "Hannity" tonight, Michelle Malkin said the mainstream media's sustained criticism of President Trump proves they are still suffering from "post-election indigestion."

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