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Some college students who support President-elect Donald Trump are feeling bullied on campus, so they're asking for "safe spaces."

The New York Times spoke to a Republican University of Michigan student who has felt a backlash from Democrats.

Amanda Delekta, a sophomore and political director of the school's College Republicans group, wrote a letter to the school's principal saying the university needed to be a safe space for conservatives, not just liberals.

"It is shameful to live in a nation where individuals are afraid to voice their beliefs for fear of being shamed," she wrote. "Nobody has died, the United States has not died; democracy is more alive than ever. Simply put, the American people voted and Trump won."

On "Outnumbered" today, Tucker Carlson called it a "wuss move" for students of any political affiliation or group to request a safe space.

"The whole point of voting for Trump is that you disapprove of things like safe spaces," Carlson argued.

He said that Trump supporters should instead "call the bluff" of liberals on campus and engage in a rational discussion of their beliefs.

"Make a real argument," he said. "That's what works."

Meghan McCain agreed, pointing out that "life isn't a safe space."

"If you want to be smarter, stronger, tougher, don't ask for a safe space. Combat it."

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