Now you can keep track of all the latest 2016 election news from Fox News Channel wherever you are!

The Fox News 2016 Election HQ App is your guide to all the action on the presidential campaign trail, featuring in-depth coverage of the latest news to help you decide which candidate you'll support. 

Check out some features of the new app, which is now available on the App Store for iPhone users or Google Play for Android users.


Election Updates, News & Clips

  • Stay informed with push notifications that keep you up-to-date on all the campaign trail.
  • Browse the latest election headlines, and videos.
  • Read candidate op-eds, columns from Fox News opinion contributors, and trending stories.

Interactive Live Debates

  • Score the candidates while you watch the debates, giving their responses a thumbs up, thumbs down, or "dodge."  
  • After the debate, you’ll receive a “Debate Scorecard” to see who you align with the most.
  • Share your Debate Scorecard with family and friends to let them know how you thought the candidates performed.
  • Interact with Fox News personalities and contributors on Facebook and Twitter in real-time without leaving the app.     

Candidate Cheat Sheet

  • Find out more about the candidates, including their prior experience, education, hometown and more.
  • Keep up with their latest tweets, and view related stories.