A volunteer EMT was suspended for breaking the rules to help a sick child. Stephen Sawyer, 20, was the only person around when a call came in about a four-year-old having a seizure.

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After making several unsuccessful calls for ambulances, Sawyer said he made the decision to drive the ambulance to save the child – violating the rule that only people age 21 or older can drive the emergency vehicle.

The Ellenville board of directors suspended Sawyer and revoked his title as an advisor from the Youth Squad. He subsequently resigned.

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Sawyer told the Times Herald-Record, “I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night or go to school knowing there’s a four-year-old suffering. [… ] As far as police wise, the guys and girls on the board need to rethink policies for the good of the community. People shouldn’t have to suffer over policy.”

The captain and board member of the Ellenville First Aid & Rescue told the paper, “It seems very black and white, and it’s not very black and white. This is the type of story that the public doesn’t need to be told. There’s no value to this story other than shock value and gossip.”

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