Two New Jersey cops say they were suspended over their military service. Michael McCracken and Hector Cartagena are Iraq war veterans and airmen in the Air Force Reserves.

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They’re being suspended without pay and could lose their jobs for allegedly misusing military leave time. An attorney for both men says they’re upstanding cops and did everything by the book. The police union claims the cops are being targeted by their department to discourage other cops from joining the reserves.

“It’s devastating,” McCracken said. “I’ve got a wife and three small children. […] I’m without a paycheck now.”

Cartagena said, “It’s hard for the family. There’s no Christmas presents for them right now. We’ll get through this, I have no doubt, but it’s just everything I worked for up to this point.”

Lawmakers are calling for the state’s attorney general to investigate.

UPDATE: Sunday morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, McCracken and Cartagena told their side of the story. Their attorney said that audiotape from investigation revealed other Bloomfield police officers were complaining that they couldn’t take vacations due to the soldiers’ military leave.

Both men say they want their jobs and reputations back. Watch the interview below:

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