JPMorgan Chase is limiting the debit transactions of customers who used their cards at Target during a recent security breach.

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Customers will be limited to $300 dollars in total debit purchases and $100 dollars in cash withdrawals per day. This does not apply to credit cards.

Meanwhile, the giant retailer is trying to tempt shoppers back with a 10 percent discount after the massive credit breach compromised information of up to 40 million people. Investigators believe overseas hackers are responsible for accessing credit and debit information of customers who shopped at Target stores between November 27 and December 15.

Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel said in a statement, “Our brand has been built on a 50-year foundation of trust with our guests, and we want to assure you that the cause of this issue has been addressed and you can shop with confidence at Target.”

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This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, security expert John Sileo shared advice on how to protect your information from hackers.

The first tip was to set up alerts with your bank so that you’ll be notified of any suspicious activity on your account.

He recommended that people who shopped at Target during the breach cancel their debit and credit cards. “I cancelled mine; I was in Target. […] A lot of the time these criminals let the numbers lay dormant for six months or a year. We don’t know even know that there’s going to be fraud. So rather than do guess work, be preventative.” 

Hear more tips in the video below: