Moments ago during the president’s year-end press conference, Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry challenged President Obama on whether he was misleading the American people when he said six months ago that intelligence officials had struck the right balance with the NSA surveillance program.

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“When it comes to the right balance on surveillance, these are a series of judgment calls that we’re making every single day cause we’ve got a whole bunch of folks whose job it is to make sure that the American people are protected,” the president clarified.

While Henry conceded that it is a huge responsibility for the president to be responsible for the safety of the American people, he pressed the president on whether he has any personal regrets that he’s now backing off his previous reassurances.

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Obama responded, “What I am saying is is that the statements I made then are entirely consistent with the statements I make now, which is that we believed that we had scrubbed these programs and struck an appropriate balance […] What I’ve also said though is that in light of the disclosures that have taken place, it is clear that whatever benefit the configuration of this particular program may have may be outweighed by the concerns that people have on its potential abuse.”

Watch part one of the back-and-forth above and part two below.