A few months ago, we brought you the emotional story of a 15-year-old Florida orphan who courageously went to a St. Petersburg Baptist church and began asking people if they would adopt him.

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Support for Davion Only and offers to adopt him poured in from around the world to Florida adoption agency Eckerd.

Well, the news at this point is only positive for Davion, who is set to spend Christmas with what will hopefully become a family of his own.

Davion has been getting to know the prospective adopters and Eckerd is hoping they will become his "forever family."

On Fox and Friends this morning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck spoke with Lorita Shirley, chief of community-based care for Eckerd.

Shirley wanted to emphasize that in the Tampa area alone, there are more than 250 children just like Davion. But she is optimistic that Davion's courageous plea has triggered the momentum necessary to find permanent homes for each and every one of those children.

Watch the full interview to hear the full story and find out what steps to take if you want to pursue adoption.

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