A shocking new report finds that the Obama administration delayed instituting certain regulations until after the presidential election.

The report, from the Administrative Conference of the U.S., found that it “took longer … because of concerns about agencies issuing costly or controversial rules prior to the November 2012 election.”

Peter Johnson Jr. called the revelations “huge" in a sitdown this morning with Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends.

In terms of environmental initiatives, the administration delayed a proposal requiring cleaner gas and lower-pollution vehicles. They also delayed an update of national silica standards, a move the AFL-CIO says will lead to thousands of deaths and illnesses of workers. They also reportedly delayed ObamaCare regulations, including the minimum coverage standards.

Johnson said, “In terms of health, safety, welfare, and ObamaCare, they said the president’s re-election is more important, we’re going to put politics over people.”