The state of Colorado has legalized marijuana and as Bill O’Reilly discussed on Monday’s O’Reilly Factor, The Denver Post has hired a new marijuana editor.

An outraged O’Reilly asked why the paper would hire someone to promote marijuana use and intoxication.

Likening it to a restaurant critic who may review a restaurant that serves wine, Juan Williams argued that marijuana is now a consumer product in Colorado and people who enjoy that product may want to read reviews.

“How about methadone? Why don’t we have a methadone critic to say, ‘Look, this is the best methadone,’” O’Reilly asked sarcastically.

Williams countered that in fact many papers do have health sections that discuss addiction and suggest medications for it.

O’Reilly questioned whether teenagers should really be able to read where to buy the best pot is in the state.

He said, “They are going to tell you what the best bud is […] where to buy it, how to prune it, how to roll it. This is promoting the use of an intoxicant by The Denver Post!”

Mary Katharine Ham chimed in that she believes the paper will be covering the public policy issues associated with legalized marijuana.