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That November 30th date has come and gone and the White House proudly asserts the website is "largely fixed."  

Now we find out when you call to ask about the health care plan you signed up for, you find out your "insurance company" doesn't even know who you are, because they don't have a record of your enrollment. 

And even according to that sycophant grey lady, The New York Times, the system is sending insurers inaccurate information.  Can you imagine - you're having an amputation, and your records tell your doctor to cut off the wrong leg?  Or you're having surgery and they have the wrong blood type?

6-Year-Old Girl’s Cancer Fight Complicated by Health Plan Cancellation

But hang on to your hats guys - there's another big lie by those purveyors of fantasy in the Obama administration about to be exposed.

After the original big lie was exposed, we were told that we will have better health care and people with pre-existing illnesses will be covered.

Now I really want to believe that.  But every fiber of my body tells me Americans are going to suffer because of this grandiose scheme sold to us by a president who not only lied in the selling of it, but who thinks he knows what's good for us.

Exhibit number one: Maria Silva.  A stage 4 terminal cancer patient - you've seen her, she's been on ‘Justice’ several times.  She was dropped from her insurance plan right before her next scheduled round of chemo. 

When she went to her doctor she was informed that since she now has no insurance, she is no longer eligible for any life extending or life-saving treatment, like chemotherapy. 

But hey, there's always a silver lining.  They gave Maria a five dollar parking coupon to use on her next visit in case she needs to get more bad news.

Maria wants new insurance but hasn't been able to get on She's tried to make phone calls to get new insurance, but she can't reach anyone and there's not a navigator in sight. So she waits.

Now Mr. President, with all due respect, that pre-existing illness thing?  She's got it, and now because of you, she has got no insurance and she's got no life-saving treatment.

Are you proud of yourself? 

How many other Americans in this country who have pre-existing illness like Maria have lost their insurance and are in limbo?

How many veterans?

How many retired individuals?

How many in the middle class are facing the loss of medical care or the loss of everything they worked for because you had a hair-brained scheme that you were simply not competent enough to execute?

How many people like Maria are scrambling to find insurance in this deadly game of beat the clock?

How many people who've lost their health insurance because of you, like Maria, are trying to find someone to give them the medical care they need to save their lives?

But you're not worried.  According to you, only a few Americans will lose their health care.

Bombshell Report: Obama Admin Using Honor System to Pay Insurance Companies

And your chief minion, Mr. Integrity himself, Jay Carney, that truth saying man of honor says don't worry, be happy.

Really Mr. President?  You allow your staff to go on national television to tell us to our faces not to worry, it's only about five percent of you who’ve lost your insurance and are possibly in this limbo?!

So 15 million people -- We shouldn't worry about losing their health care? Maria Silva is someone that I'm not willing to have lose her health care.  Are we Americans that expendable to you and your staff? 

Only five percent?  What if it were your mother, or your sister, or your child that was caught up in the limbo of no health care that you created and sold to us?

And another lie - in trying to sell your plan, you said illegals will not be covered. 

And then you doubled down in your double speak you said, ‘I'd like to create a situation where we're dealing with illegal immigration, so that we don't have illegal immigrants.’

Really?  How are you going to get rid of illegal immigrants?  What are you going to do?  Fly them home?  No, you're going to make them legal - which gives them coverage!

The truth? They'll just sign up for Medicaid, and they can't be refused.  They already get housing.  Section 8.  Their children are educated in our schools.  They're eligible for social services.  They're entitled to lawyers.  And you really want us to believe that we're not going to be paying for the health care of an additional 12 million people?  If we're not paying for it, who is?

And might that not also include your dear Uncle Omar Obama?  Who's here illegally.  Arrested for drunk driving.  You know, the one who told police after his arrest his one call would be to the White House.  The same White House that subsequently said that not only did you not know this guy, but that you never even met him.

Shock - Barack Obama actually lived with Uncle Omar for a time when he was in law school and they kept in touch!

White House Changes Story About President Obama’s Uncle

And you wonder why more than half of America says that you are not honest or trustworthy. 

Mr. President, lives are at stake.  Americans have been thrust into a danger zone by you.  Maria Silva is only one person who's chemo treatment was cancelled along with her insurance. 

How many other Americans will suffer because your policy caused them to be dropped from their health care? 

So what's that you were saying about people with pre-existing illnesses being covered?  I think not.  I know Maria Silva has a pre-existing illness.  I know she's no longer covered.  I know her life is at stake.  And I know you did it. 

Mr. President, the clock is ticking.