Neil Cavuto took on Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR) over a new push to nearly double the federal gas tax to $0.33 a gallon.

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In the contentious Your World interview, Rep. Blumenauer argued that because the gas tax hasn’t increased in 20 years, the government faces an “inability to fund any transit funding next year.”

Cavuto fired back, “You’re talking about doubling the gas tax and acting like it’s no big deal!”

Turning to transportation revenue, the Fox News host said, “We do have a lot of other means by which we raise money to help our infrastructure, and our infrastructure still sucks.”

So where is the money allocated from tolls, bridges and tunnels going?

Rep. Blumenauer responded, “To the best of my knowledge, the toll money under the individual states that have tolls, those are dedicated to the transportation purposes.”

“You should see the roads and bridges by me, they’re falling apart,” Cavuto shot back.

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