Tonight on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly challenged former Obama campaign press secretary, Ben LaBolt, on the administration’s lack of accountability for the disastrous ObamaCare rollout.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) recently said, “I think the current administration has taken lying to a new level.”

LaBolt called Sen. Cornyn’s comments “misguided and unfortunate.” He charged that Republicans have been “rooting for the failure” of the president’s signature health care law instead of taking steps to strengthen it.

“The president apologized to the American people for saying, ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it.’ And I think that was refreshing that Americans didn’t see from the prior administration,” he continued.

Kelly asked LaBolt if he was ever present for discussion about this broken promise. “We were scared to death that we’d get something wrong,” he responded. “We vetted everything.”

“But you’re not answering my question,” Kelly pressed.

“I never discussed it with [President Obama] and I don’t ever recall having that discussion,” LaBolt maintained.

He said the reason people have had their plans canceled is because insurance companies have to meet a higher standard.

“You’re dodging it,” Kelly interjected. “That goes back to whether this was a lie. Because the president came out and said, ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it, period.’ And now the insurance companies have come out and said that’s not true, the only reason we’re dropping people from these plans is because of ObamaCare – and your response is those were crappy plans.”

When asked if someone should be fired over the website problems, LaBolt said, “I think the real accountability is have we put in place a system that ensures that the program works.”

“You’re too smart to believe that,” Kelly said. “Accountability is to say you screwed up and here’s the person – I don’t know who it is. Is it Kathleen Sebelius? You tell me.”

Watch the full exchange above!