A new report from European regulators is raising questions about the effectiveness of the Plan B emergency contraceptive in overweight women.

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The FDA said in a statement that it is "reviewing the available and related scientific information on this issue."

A French pharmaceutical company evaluated clinical trials on its emergency contraceptive, Norvelo, which is made up of the same hormones as Plan B. The company warned that the drug was not effective in women weighing over 176 pounds and showed limited effectiveness in women 165-175 pounds.

Plan B One-Step can be obtained over the counter without a prescription and must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

Dr. Marc Siegel analyzed the findings this morning on America's Newsroom, saying it's very problematic when you consider that courts are considering whether to make Plan B available to girls of all ages.

Earlier this year, the FDA generated some backlash by ruling that girls as young as 15 could be able to obtain Plan B over the counter.

Siegel believes that the widespread use of Plan B is going to lead to more and more unplanned pregnancies, adding that without a doctor or pharmacist involved in the process, the drug could be used incorrectly.

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