The city of Huntington Beach, California is threatening to fine a local bar $960 unless it removes a huge POW-MIA sign that reads, "Thank a veteran for your freedom!"

Residents Threatened With Fines for 'God Bless America' Lawn Signs

Johnny's Saloon is popular with veterans and the sign has been above the bar for six years. The overall structure has been there for three decades.

The city says that the request has nothing to do with the sign's message, only that the structure have the proper permits.

"We have been unable to locate a building and electrical permit for the roof sign so we need the owner to demonstrate that it has been permitted," said a city spokesperson.

Chris Castellanos, a veteran and head of security at Johnny's, discussed the situation with Clayton Morris this morning on Fox and Friends. Castellanos took issue with the way the city has handled the matter.

"Basically they said, you take it down or we fine you. As far as the safety of it, they can't even say that yet. We haven't had the opportunity to get somebody out there to inspect that yet," he said.

Supporters have rallied around the bar on Facebook, offering to put up the money to pay the fine so that the sign can stay up.

Watch the full interview above.

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