In his Thanksgiving Proclamation 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln mentioned God eight times.

On Real Story this afternoon, Gretchen Carlson asked her panel of religious experts what has changed in American politics and in our culture overall.

Is there an overall effort to remove mentions of religion from society?

Catholic League President Bill Donohue sees an inherent problem with President Obama on this issue.

"There is a problem with this man. It's not just a linguistic problem. He is not exactly religion-friendly. It's his business that he doesn't celebrate Christmas with his own family. It's my business, as a Catholic leader, to call him out when he shows an animus," said Donohue.

David Silverman, president of the American Atheists, disagreed with Donohue, saying Obama regularly says "God bless America" in speeches and attends National Prayer Breakfasts. He noted that two of the founders, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, specifically sought to separate religion from politics.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero believes Obama's avoidance of religion is an effort to transform many different aspects of America. Silverman countered that the issue has nothing to do with Obama, adding that the country is "moving" and becoming more diverse.

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