We heard some strong words from Charles Krauthammer Monday night on Special Report, as he blasted the Obama administration over the weekend's nuclear deal with Iran.

Krauthammer likened the actions of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to Europe's appeasement of Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s, when Germany's borders were expanded.

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“It’s really hard to watch the president and the secretary of state and not think how they cannot be embarrassed by this deal," said Krauthammer, calling the agreement a "farce" and the "worst deal since Munich" in 1938.

He argued that the United States has now formally signed off on Iran remaining very close to possessing a nuclear weapon.

"[The deal] is the West blessing Iran as a threshold nuclear state, always on the verge, a month or two away from a breakout and becoming a nuclear state," he said.

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Later on Monday night, Krauthammer sat down with Dana Perino on On the Record, to discuss what he calls the "whopper" that was told by President Obama when he promised Americans they'd be able to keep their health insurance plans.

He argued that the president made a critical error by saying "period" at the end of that now-famous line because it meant that there was not going to be room for excuses later on.

Krauthammer explained that the president's credibility and trustworthiness have suffered serious damage.

"Obama is a different kind of politician. He's a charismatic politician. He came in on a cloud and he came in out of nowhere. He came in on great speeches and rhetoric. And once the rhetoric fails, once people hear it and don't trust it, everything else disappears."

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