Millions of Americans rush to the stores on Black Friday hoping to score the best deals. But experts warn retailers may be playing a dirty trick on customers by raising prices earlier in the year so they can lower them for the holidays.

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The National Retail Federation reports that in 2012, a record 89 million people shopped on Black Friday. The average customer spent about $423 over the Thanksgiving weekend. A projected 97 million are expected to shop this year.

Sara Murray, from Wall Street Journal Live, said today on Shepard Smith Reporting, “A lot of that discount is already priced in ahead of time.  It’s not like retailers are suddenly taking a big hit to their profit just because they’re marking something down 40 percent for you.”

She shared some tips for shoppers who want to rest assured that they're getting a real deal. Apps like Amazon Price Check lets people compare store costs to Amazon’s prices. Other mobile apps for the stores themselves offer additional discounts.

Instead of rushing out the door once you’ve stuffed yourselves with turkey, Murray said it might be worth waiting to shop later in December, particularly when it comes to high-end merchandise. 

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