Todd Starnes reported this week on a toy drive for needy children that was shut down by a secular group called the American Humanist Association (AHA).

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The toy drive, Operation Christmas Child, is organized by an evangelical ministry Samaritan’s Purse. Though the students at the Colorado charter school, Skyview Academy, had decided on their own to participate in the toy drive, the school had to shut down their efforts due to the AHA's threat of a lawsuit.

The toy drive was also shut down by a South Carolina charter school following the AHA's complaints.

Megyn Kelly was joined last night by Roy Speckhardt, director of the AHA, who argued that the gifts are actually an effort to "proselytize" poor children.

"These gifts are gifts with strings attached," said Speckhardt, pointing out that the Christian ministry was placing religious letters in the gift boxes. He said that a public school should not be partnering in any way with a group that seeks to convert children to Christianity.

"Clearly, that's the goal of what they're trying to do," he said.

Megyn pushed back, asking Speckhardt what his group is doing to ensure that the needy children - who were set to receive the toys before his group stepped in - will still get a Christmas gift.

He recommended the schools use a neutral organization like Toys for Tots.

"So nothing?" Megyn asked.

Speckhardt said that his group is an advocacy organization, not a charity, but added that they did send $30,000 to support relief efforts in the Philippines.

"Our program is designed to help the kids to have a clean, neutral, free of church-state violations experience in school," he said.

"You have helped save them from the constitutional violation," said Kelly. "And that will be a warm comfort to them on Christmas morning, Roy. Thank you for being here."

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