A horrifying and deadly new trend called the “Knockout Game” is sweeping the country. The “players,” who are usually teens, target a stranger on the street and try to knock the person out with one punch! So far, at least seven deaths have been linked to the game.

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Dr. Jeffery Gardere, a psychologist, told Gretchen Carlson that these teens are clearly “cowardly.”

“These are kids perhaps who don’t have the support at home, who perhaps don’t have the educational goals, are very, very bored with their lives […] It is murderous, it is horrible,” Dr. Gardere said.

“I’m sure most of these kids themselves were either bullied or they were beaten by their own parents, but the fact of the matter is they are targeting innocent people. If they want to do this […] go knock each other out!” parenting blogger Stacey Nelkin said.

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