Georgia restaurant owners were cited for flying flags that honor those who serve our country. CJ’s Hot Dogs proudly displays the American, Georgia and military flags over their establishment. 

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This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, co-owners Darren Miller and Dean Patterson spoke to Clayton Morris about their fight. The city of McDonough first said the flags were a violation of the right of way and had to be taken down. Now, Miller says they're backpedaling by calling it a permit issue. 

“I just don’t think I should have to pay money to fly the American flag or support our men and women in uniform,” he said. 

Patterson said he was devastated by the citation. “We don’t understand why we’re being told we can’t do that when we honor and we respect our law enforcement, fire and military.”

Fox 5 Atlanta reported: "The city administrator, who didn't realize code enforcement officers cited the restaurant until Friday, told Miller that the ordinance that classifies the flags as signs is too vague and needs to be rewritten. For that reason, he says he's asking that the citation be thrown out."

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