Fox News’ John Roberts spoke exclusively to embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who was partially stripped of his political powers following confessions that he bought and used crack.

Mayor Ford Suing Former Staffers for Alleging More Drug Use, Prostitution

Ford is currently filming a television show for the Sun News Network in Canada. He told Roberts that he’s getting professional help.

“I have admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. Okay, I’ve admitted to drinking too much. Okay, so I’m dealing with it. I am training every day. I’m in the gym for two hours every day. I’m seeking professional help. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not a drug addict.”

Ford maintained that he’s not getting substance abuse treatment because he isn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol.

He continues his bid for reelection next year. “The people haven’t spoken yet, John. Mark my words, on October 27th, the people are going to speak loud and clear.”

Ford told Roberts that it took him four hours to leave a restaurant last night because people kept coming up to him to take pictures and talk to him about his current battle.

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