Actor Alec Baldwin unleashed another epic rant, this time directed at a Fox affiliate reporter in New York City on Friday. Cameras caught Baldwin’s wife pointing at WNYW’s Linda Schmidt and accusing her of almost knocking her teeth out with a microphone. Baldwin then got in Schmidt’s face and demanded that she apologize.

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It didn’t end there. After returning to his car, the actor told an NYPD officer that he wanted to press charges against Schmidt for assaulting his wife.

On last night’s Kelly File, Schmidt told Megyn Kelly that Baldwin had also threatened one of her colleagues at ‘Good Day New York.’  The press had been covering the trial involving Baldwin’s stalker, who was convicted on Thursday. 

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When reports came in that Baldwin assaulted another reporter, Schmidt was sent back to cover the story. “He comes over to me and then launches into this tirade, just screaming and yelling at me. And there was no way that I was going to back down. I was professional about it, I didn’t lose my cool.”

The 'mic hitting' incident was captured on camera and seems to tell a different story. While she respects Baldwin for believing his spouse, she said, "[His wife] got it wrong and as a result, he got it wrong."

Schmidt said that after the confrontation with Baldwin, the NYPD officers came up to her to make sure that she was okay. Needless to say, they did not press charges against her. 

MSNBC has suspended Baldwin’s talk show in the wake of the allegation that he uttered an anti-gay slur at a photographer.

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