The CBS affiliate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has been investigating how tax money is being looted in shocking ways. In one example, 39-year-old Jamie Frankford has collected $344,000 in lottery winnings since 2009, yet she continues to collect child care subsidies, medical insurance, and food stamps.

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Under state law, welfare recipients must report lottery winnings to Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. The benefits are then adjusted.

Chris Papst, the reporter investigating the fraud, joined The O’Reilly Factor. Frankford has informed Papst that the state is investigating her and that she wants to pay the money back, but the state hasn’t completed its investigation. Frankford could face felony charges over the fraud.

When asked about the state’s accountability in the case, Papst told O’Reilly, “The state does not have the ability to talk to different departments within the state so even though this woman won the money from the Pennsylvania lottery, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare that’s paying for her medical bills for her kids, also paying for her child care for both of her kids, they had no way of knowing or talking to each other to say, ‘Hey, this woman has won this much money.’”

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