The implementation of ObamaCare has been a catastrophe. With the website not working properly and millions of people already losing their existing health coverage, the president’s approval ratings are dropping.

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Enter in the conservative group Project Veritas. They sent an undercover person to the National Urban League offices in Texas. The Urban League is receiving more than a million taxpayer dollars to guide people into the ObamaCare system, Bill O’Reilly reported. Some of that money is being used to hire navigators, people who are supposed to help Americans sign up.

The undercover investigator talked to a few of the navigators in training. The Factor played part of the video tonight. The first question was about what to state as income on the application. The navigator tells the person not to declare money he made under the table, in essence, suggesting fraud.

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On another occasion, the Project Veritas member asked about smoking. The trainee responds, “You lie because your premiums will be higher.”

“Fraud and deceit, sounds like a great federal program,” O’Reilly reacted. 

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