Stephanie Metz, a South Dakota mother of two young boys, is stirring up conversation with a blog post titled, “Why My Kids Are NOT the Center of My World.

In the piece, Metz speaks out against modern parenting and political correctness, writing about an incident involving her son’s pick for show and tell.

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“Hendrix was picking out what he wanted to take to school for Show & Tell. He chose a little Imaginext action figure … with the action figure comes a little yellow object […] He gathered the action figure … and the yellow drill and proudly told me he’d chosen that for Show & Tell. Then you could see him thinking. And he promptly changed his mind and said to me, ‘You know what, I better not take this. My teacher will probably think it’s a gun, and then I’ll get in trouble,’” Metz writes.

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She argues that the sort of modern parenting that won’t allow boys to play with toy guns is “creating a generation that’s not going to be able to function in society.” She writes, “I’ll be damned if my boys aren’t allowed to be little boys when they’re at home. They have several toy guns and it’s constantly good guy vs. bad guy in my house.”

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She believes that this teaches them that there are “differing opinions about things in this world and that’s ok.”

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