Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz sat down exclusively with Barbara Walters, a TV legend and iconic trailblazer in the broadcast world. Walters is gearing up for her last season of ‘The View.’

She hopes her legacy will be that of having lifted other women up in the industry. “When I created [The View], it was supposed to be different women of different opinions, maybe different generations, getting together and talking the way you wish you could at home, but you’re too busy doing the dishes.”

Walters opened up about the hardships she faced as the first female network anchor, when she co-anchored alongside Harry Reasoner on ABC. “I was a failure and it was a terrible period in my life. I thought I was drowning with no life preserver. I was at that point a single mother. It was a very tough time. And it’s taken a long time before a woman was accepted on a network news program.”

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