News is breaking of a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. After the incident at 9:30a PT, passengers in LAX’s Terminal 3 were evacuated.

Video above, taken just moments after the incident, shows law enforcement officers assisting a TSA officer.

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UPDATE, Saturday, November 2: Police have released an image of the shooter, Paul Ciancia, below. He apparently expressed suicidal thoughts to his brother through a text earlier this week. The TSA agent killed has been identified as 39-year-old Gerardo I. Hernandez. Also, new video has emerged from the scene of passengers running from the terminal. Watch it here.

UPDATE, 4:30p ET: Neil Cavuto just reported that the Associated Press has confirmed through law enforcement officials that the suspect in today's shooting at Los Angeles International Airport is Paul Ciancia.The 23-year-old from New Jersey wrote a rant about killing TSA personnel. 

UPDATE, 4:15p ET: In an email to employees, TSA Administrator John Pistole confirmed that one TSA employee was killed in today's shooting. "I am deeply saddened to inform you that a TSA employee was shot and killed today on duty at Los Angeles International Airport. Other TSA employees also were injured in the shooting."

UPDATE, 3:48p ET: UCLA Medical Center officials confirm that they are treating three male patients, two are in fair condition.

UPDATE, 3:45p ET: The coroner's office says that one person has died in the shooting.

UPDATE, 3:36p ET: A partial re-opening of the airport will happen around 4p ET.

UPDATE, 3:30p ET: The latest reports indicate that the shooter was a ticketed passenger and not a former TSA employee.

UPDATE, 3:10p ET: Officials just held a press conference during which Patrick Gannon, chief of airport police, said the shooter pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began shooting in Terminal 3. Gannon said the gunman made his way to the checkpoint area and continued shooting beyond the secure area.

Gannon said officers traded gunfire with him and were able to subdue him and take him into custody.

It's believed that the shooter was acting alone. Gannon declined to divulge details on the shooter's condition.

UPDATE, 2:40p ET: A law enforcement source tells Catherine Herridge that a TSA agent has been killed in the shooting and that multiple other agents have also been injured. When asked to specify the numbers, the sources said “about a handful.”

According to this source, there is no indication at this time that the gunman was a current or former employee of the TSA.

The shooting began outside of the secure location and based on reports that they are receiving, the bullets then sprayed into the checkpoint area.  

UPDATE, 2:20p ET: Officials have confirmed that three people were shot. According to the Associated Press, the weapon used was a semi-automatic rifle.

UPDATE, 2:19p ET: Below is a map of Terminal 3.

UPDATE, 2:17p ET: A law enforcement source says that the suspect is connected to TSA and may be a former TSA agent.  

UPDATE, 2:13p ET: According to a Los Angeles police spokeswoman, the man in custody is the only suspect in the incident.

UPDATE, 2:02p ET: According to the Los Angeles Times, the shooter was a young, white male with a rifle-type gun walking calmly through Terminal 3.  

UPDATE, 2p ET: Eyewitness Tommy Lagos told Shepard Smith that he saw a man in LAX’s Terminal 2 carrying what appeared to be a long shotgun. Lagos said that the person “was well deep inside the terminal,” and certainly would have already gone through security.

Lagos said that he’s “100” percent sure that the person was inside the airport’s secure area.

UPDATE, 1:40p ET: This photo, tweeted by someone within the airport, shows what appears to be a rifle on the ground.

UPDATE, 1:39p ET: The FAA has stopped flights preparing to take off for LAX. All flights leaving LAX have been cancelled as well.

UPDATE, 1:30p ET: Shepard Smith spoke to Fox Sports columnist Bill Reiter, who was at the LAX terminal waiting for his flight to depart when the shots rang out.

He described a chaotic scene, saying he and other people ran outside onto the tarmac to escape the gunfire.

Watch the interview below.

UPDATE, 1:27p ET: The Los Angeles Fire Department describes the scene as a "multi-patient incident.''

UPDATE 1:24p ET: The TSA has confirmed that one TSA agent was shot.

UPDATE, 1:15p ET: Shepard Smith is speaking to Fox Sports columnist Bill Reiter, an eyewitness to the chaos at LAX this morning. Below are some of Reiter's tweets about the incident.

UPDATE, 1:09p ET: Shepard Smith showed us photos of these triage mats set up outside the terminal.

UPDATE, 1:07p ET: Shepard Smith just told us that there are unconfirmed reports that the shooter has been shot in the leg and is in custody.

UPDATE, 12:58p ET: Reuters is reporting that the gunman is down. The number of victims is unknown.

UPDATE, 12:49p ET: According to a local TV report, a man with a rifle somehow got into the airport and began firing.