An Illinois woman told Martha MacCallum about the uncertainty she faces after her health insurance carrier cancelled her policy.

Betsy Tadder's current plan, which she likes, is set to end on Dec. 13 and will be replaced with a new policy that will cost twice as much.

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Right now, she pays $454 a month for health insurance, and the cheapest plan being offered as a replacement costs $871, she said. Tadder explained that the new plan includes benefits she doesn't need, like pediatric dentistry and maternity coverage.

Essentially, the government is telling her that her current plan is not good enough.

After a week of trying, she was able to sign on to and look at those options.

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"I could stretch my budget to afford a policy, but the deductible is $12,700 dollars. I don't have $12,700 dollars to pay for a deductible on ObamaCare," said Tadder.

She explained that she's caught in the middle, making too much to be eligible for a "break" and too little to afford the new premiums.

"Do I insure one member of my family? Do I insure two members? Can I afford to do two members or none of us? I have a feeling that at the end of this year, we will be without health insurance," she said.

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