We bet you know where Charles Krauthammer sits on the Special Report panel, and you probably know his position on most issues, but there may be some things you don't know about the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist.

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In the Fox News Reporting special Charles Krauthammer: A Life That Matters, Krauthammer pulls back the curtain and puts his private life in the spotlight.

In the clip above, Krauthammer talks to host Bret Baier about the intense bond he had with his older brother, Marcel Krauthammer, who passed away seven years ago from cancer.  "My brother and I were inseparable," he said.

Krauthammer recalls that his father wanted him and his brother to 'know and learn everything.'  "He thought that was a part of life," Krauthammer said.

Watch the video and learn more about Dr. Krauthammer, including how he became the editor of the newspaper at McGill University and how he ended up at Harvard Medical School.

Tune in to Fox News Channel this Sunday at 9p ET for an encore presentation of 'Charles Krauthammer: A Life That Matters.'

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