Joan Fino, the California woman suing McDonald’s for $2 million dollars after a hot cup of coffee spilled on her lap, joined Your World this afternoon.

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Fino described how she drove through the McDonald’s drive-through and when the employee handed it to her “it was filled to the top with the coffee and the lid wasn’t on right.” The coffee started to spill all over Fino, leaving her with second degree burns. Fino asked for help from the employees, but no one responded. “No one did anything […] I was crying. I said, ‘Could somebody please help me? Take me to the emergency room.’” Instead, Fino said an employee approached her, asked for her name and address and told her that they’d pulled her car to the front of the restaurant.

No one from McDonald’s ever called Fino.

Neil questioned Fino’s attorney about why the incident should warrant such a large lawsuit. Butch Wagner said that the heat of the coffee, and the fact that the lid was not properly secured are all factors in the case.

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