UPDATE: The Bulgarian Interior Ministry confirmed to Fox News Friday morning that a DNA test shows the woman from Bulgaria is the mother of the girl found in Greece.

On Happening Now this morning, we heard an update to the mystery surrounding the young, unidentified girl found at a Gypsy camp in Greece.

Earlier this week, the parents of Lisa Irwin, who disappeared from her Kansas City home in Oct. 2011, said they believe the girl could be their daughter.

The FBI is investigating the girl's identity, but many observers have noted that the mystery girl looks to be older than Lisa Irwin would be today.

A woman in Bulgaria has now emerged as the possible mother and will undergo DNA tests.

Here's the details from AP:

SOFIA, Bulgaria –  A Roma woman in Bulgaria says police have questioned her about whether she is the mother of a girl found to be living with an unrelated couple in Greece. She says she is willing to do a DNA test and take the child back if the girl is hers.

Sasha Ruseva, 38, says she was working in Greece a few years ago when she had a baby girl and left her with another family in the Roma, or Gypsy, community because she did not have enough money to keep her. She spoke to Bulgarian TV on Thursday.

Greek authorities took the girl, known as "Maria," after noticing the blond child looked nothing like the couple she lived with.