The House of Representatives just passed a bill aimed at keeping convicted sex offenders and violent felons from working in schools. As it heads to the Senate with bipartisan support, the teachers unions are now objecting.

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Megyn Kelly asked on her show tonight, “What is the real endgame by the unions? Because you can’t imagine that the unions want convicted rapists to be working next to their children in these schools. So what is the motivation?”

Kyle Olson, from the Education Action Group Foundation, said the unions are out to protect adults, the members who pay their dues, and not the interests of the children. “We should have a higher ethical standard for teachers and school employees.”

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) also opposes the bill because he says the language would ignore the ability of people to overcome their criminal backgrounds by imposing lifetime bans.

Olson said, “We’re not saying these people shouldn’t be able to have a job. […] But they shouldn't be in a school, they shouldn’t have direct access to children.”

“Who wants a convicted sex offender working next to their children?!” Megyn Kelly reacted. “There are certain rights you give up if you rape somebody and get convicted.”

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